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Rapper Derek “Jinx da Juvy” Carr was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. At eleven years old Jinx discovered his talent writing music while living in a homeless shelter with his mother and two sisters. After moving into Samuel J. Tilden houses, in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, he began to make a name for himself; rapping throughout the neighborhood. Producer Jay Swift from East New York Immediately took him under his wing at 13 years old and recorded his first record “Above the Limits” featuring Ike Infa Diamond and Papoose. Shortly after Jay Swift introduced him to gangster rap legend "Kool G Rap” he featured Jinx along with Papoose on his album “ Roots of Evil.” Kool G Rap then began taking Jinx to battle rappers amongst the Ruff Riders Camp which grew the interest of the Camp’s CEOS' Dee and Waah. Ultimately after a bidding war between Ruff Riders and Def Jam, Jinx da Juvy signed to Def Jam at 15 years old. While on the label he featured on DMX and Jet Li’s movie soundtrack “Cradle to the Grave” and DJ Funk Master Flex and Big Kap Album “ TheTunnel” He dropped a record BK’s Finest featuring Fabolous produced by Just Blaze. At 16 years old the young rapper found himself caught in the streets, shot and charged with attempted murder of a NYC police officer after a shootout on New Years Eve 2001. Following the incident, Def Jam released him from his deal and Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons adopted him. Under the guidance of Russel, the rapper went back to school earning his GED and enrolling into Laguardia College. As an independent artist, Jinx managed to broaden his audience becoming a face of Def Jam University Clothing, appearing in TV Commercials, and various Hip Hop publications, “ XXL, Vibe, Hip Hop Weekly, Source, ect.” Jinx also appeared as a Freestyle Friday Judge on BET’s 106 & Park, Rap City and the Basement, MTV’s Runs House and Running with Russell episodes. Late 2013 the rapper released “ That Boy from New York,” a record that quickly became a street banger, earning air way spins from DJ Self on New York City’s Power 105.1. March 26th 2014 Jinx was arrested on federal drug trafficking and conspiracy chargesand sentenced to 300 months (25 years) in federal prison. The rapper is currently back in court on appeal with a new evidentiary hearing scheduled February 3rd 2021.

Jinx Da Juvy

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